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If you’ve been reading this blog for any time, you’ve probably already achieved success treating your family with homeopathy.


Does it seem to be placebo?


Of course not!




How do we know it’s not?


Let’s look at animals for our answer. Animals cannot be affected by the placebo effect, yet homeopathy in veterinary care is a growing practice.  It cures chickens, cats, dogs, ducks, herds of cows, wildlife, etc and is the mainstay of  even conventionally trained vets.


Homeopathy is just as efficacious for the animals as for people.


What powerful evidence that homeopathy is more than placebo when an animal is cured over a few hours or days by a few tiny pellets dissolved in its mouth!


Obviously, belief in the power of homeopathy is not needed for the healing transformation.


I recall Katie, a lab who had a terrible time with itching.


She would scratch until she bled and it kept the entire family awake at night.  She loved to eat and ate twice as much as the other two dogs she lived with.


Outdoors was Katie’s favorite place to be, as long as it was not too warm.  When summer arrived, she sat against the air conditioning unit to stay cool.


Around the time the itching commenced, Katie began to emit a strong dog odor and took to not waiting until it was time to be let out before she did her duty.


That is, she preferred the dining room floor to the back yard.  In short, Katie was becoming a burden to her family.


A visit to the vet left her with a prescription for antibiotics to prevent potential skin infection  and a steroid for the itching.  After a month, Katie’s skin was slightly improved except now she had diarrhea nearly every day and was lethargic.


The vet then prescribed another medication for the diarrhea in hopes it would also deal with the fatigue.  It appeared Katie was moving towards chronic illness and her meds were stacking up.


Katie’s owners decided to halt the drugs.   Instead, they gave her Sulphur 200 four times in one day once every 2 weeks.


Within the first 3 days, Katie stopped messing in the house and seemed to be much like her old self again.  She still scratched, but it occurred less frequently and for a shorter duration.


Her family noted that the odor seemed to dissipate around a week or so after starting the remedy and the diarrhea tapered off over a period of two weeks.


One month later, the family reported that their pet was free of the itching, odor, malaise and even the side effects from the ill-conceived drugs.


Placebo or genuine medicine?  Katie and her family know the answer—homeopathy’s the real thing.


Treating pets may seem more difficult than finding the correct remedy for our child’s ailment because your pet can’t relay symptoms.


Here’s where our powers of observation are honed.  Every behavior of the animal is a clue.


Is she cowering in the corner?  That’s anxiety.


Is she thirsty or eating more than usual?  The presence or absence of thirst and appetite is an important guiding symptom and is easily

observable in animals.


We repertorize the symptoms of our pets exactly the same way as we do for any human ailment.  If you’ve got a pooch with a skin problem, research rashes in your homeopathy books.


No matter that the book is geared toward humans.  Symptoms are symptoms and are real as long as they’re not side effects of a drug.


Try treating your pet, livestock or wildlife.


In no time you’ll have enough familiarity to recognize the correct remedy in a jiffy.


Interested in reading more about how we know homeopathy is effective?  Download my article Scientific Research on Homeopathy’s

Efficacy to learn more.  Lots more great info on my website http://homeopathyworks.net/.

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Twelve years ago, I received a call from someone who knew we were in the market for a cat and asked if I’d take a sickly kitten.  Foolishly (or perhaps not), we took on this project and named the little waif Carmelina.


From the onset, the kitty showed signs of weakness but not until a week or two later, did she become seriously ill.   She was so thin that her ribs showed through her skimpy fur.  Since she was not able to get up to eat, we fed her raw milk and egg yolk through an  eye dropper.  Her eyes were weepy with a vague look and she never purred.

Our boys lined a small basket with an old lamb’s wool and gently placed her in it. For days, Carmelina hardly moved and we were certain she’d die.


Based on research in my homeopathic repertory (a list of symptoms that correspond to specific remedies), it became quite clear to me that she needed Sulphur.


How did I know?  Her symptoms clearly matched the keynotes of this remedy.  Her odor was unpleasant and her fur looked ratty.  I also selected this remedy because it’s often a good choice for simple animals like barn cats that are not bred nor vaccinated.


It was around this time that we planned to drive to Florida for a vacation.  In preparation for the trip, the boys packed Carmelina in the back seat between them.   As we traveled on Route 90, they gave her a dose of Sulphur 30 every 2 hours.


That night, when we pulled into our hotel stop, Carmelina was carried in her basket into the room with us.  By this time she had already received 4 doses of Sulphur 30.  For good measure she was given one more before we retired to bed.


Sometime around midnight we were awakened by an unfamiliar scurrying sound.  We quickly snapped on the lights and found Carmelina under the bed on her back clawing the undercarriage of the mattress while whirling herself all over the slippery floor.  Suddenly, she leaped up and started pawing at our hands.  She was playing for the first time in her life with such passion that you could practically see her smiling!


Except for one other incident later in her life (that I’ll write about in a future post), she’s remained full of the dickens ever since the day she was treated with Sulphur.


Carmelina is a tiny cat, but she’s a great mouser, purrs daily, has sparkling, inquisitive eyes, and a rich and robust life.


Vet bills?  No way. Just a bottle of Sulphur that cost me $13.



Curing my family with homeopathy…..now that’s the cat’s meow.


Would you love to know how to personally treat your family as well as your pets with homeopathy?  Consider joining my 12-month long class How to Raise a Drug Free Family. Each month, our private webinar focuses on a different topic, including pet care.  To learn more, click here!



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