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There are many homeopaths who don’t offer a glimpse into their lifestyles and choices.


I’m not one of them.


Instead, I share my beliefs and values on mothering, family traditions, living a natural lifestyle, and cooking nutrient-dense meals in whatever I write, in whatever I say, and in whatever I teach. This includes prayer. I do this because I genuinely believe that’s what it takes to find genuine health.


Daily, I meet with clients and students from all over the globe who have made poor choices, usually because the right choice was inconvenient.  Today their health is suffering from those decisions.  More effort is required to seek out health-promoting choices, but the reward is great.


This certainly doesn’t apply to everyone, but more and more, I see the ramifications of these poor choices especially in our Western society.  Get our morality straight and health often follows.  Tinker with Mother Nature and the mores and principles of our beliefs, and we will suffer.


That, in my estimation, is  why Judeo-Christian traditions hold so much wisdom when it comes to genuine health.


I believe the world is hungry for time-honored values.  And to me, silence in regards to this message is irresponsible.


I estimate that with this type of message, I will turn some readers off and lose them.  Others will employ these ideas and pass them on.  And  some will simply read and do nothing.


For me, it’s a chance worth taking.  I will do whatever I can to spread the truth of how to achieve genuine health.


Interested in hearing more about my homeopathic journey and philosophy?  Check out my story on my website homeopathyworks.net.

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