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In case you missed my free webinar, The Five Most Common Mistakes Parents Make in Their Children’s Health, I wanted to share an excerpt from the section on croup.


Croup is a respiratory infection accompanied by a harsh, barking cough. Most common in very young children, croup frightens parents because it sounds as if the child can’t catch his breath. This viral infection leads to swelling that constricts the respiratory passages causing very loud breathing sounds. Croup should be carefully watched, and emergency care sought if breathing is too labored, but a parent armed with a little homeopathic know-how and common horse sense can successfully treat croup at home.


First, bring your child into the bathroom and place him next to the running shower where he will be exposed to the steam. You should see a modicum of improvement in his breathing after half an hour or so of being exposed to this warm, moist air. The breathing passages will relax and the cough will diminish.


Next, select the best fit from the following three homeopathic remedies.


When choosing croup remedies, our main focus is time.


• If the cough begins just after midnight and your little one is fearful, then the remedy is Aconitum 30. As always, Aconitum is most useful at the beginning stages of an illness and for symptoms that come on suddenly. So if your child has had croup for over 24 hours, it’s unlikely that Aconitum will be of value.


• If instead, it’s closer to 2 AM or the cough sounds like a saw grinding through wood, then use Spongia 30. Cold drinks and talking make the cough worse when Spongia is the correct remedy.


• A croup cough that begins at 3 AM generally calls for Hepar sulph 30. The child is irritable and the cough rattling. Coldness and drafts make the cough worse.


Choose one of the above remedies and administer it every 30 minutes if the cough is severe and every 2 hours if it’s a milder version. As soon as improvement ensues, stop the remedy.  One of the clearest signs that the baby is improving is if he falls asleep.  If on waking the cough returns, continue treatment.


There you have it! You’ve just learned how to treat a cough that has frightened parents and baffled emergency room personnel for years. In just 3 minutes, you’ve become a mini expert. You can treat your child’s croup yourself.

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