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If you’ve been reading this blog for any time, you’ve probably already achieved success treating your family with homeopathy.


Does it seem to be placebo?


Of course not!




How do we know it’s not?


Let’s look at animals for our answer. Animals cannot be affected by the placebo effect, yet homeopathy in veterinary care is a growing practice.  It cures chickens, cats, dogs, ducks, herds of cows, wildlife, etc and is the mainstay of  even conventionally trained vets.


Homeopathy is just as efficacious for the animals as for people.


What powerful evidence that homeopathy is more than placebo when an animal is cured over a few hours or days by a few tiny pellets dissolved in its mouth!


Obviously, belief in the power of homeopathy is not needed for the healing transformation.


I recall Katie, a lab who had a terrible time with itching.


She would scratch until she bled and it kept the entire family awake at night.  She loved to eat and ate twice as much as the other two dogs she lived with.


Outdoors was Katie’s favorite place to be, as long as it was not too warm.  When summer arrived, she sat against the air conditioning unit to stay cool.


Around the time the itching commenced, Katie began to emit a strong dog odor and took to not waiting until it was time to be let out before she did her duty.


That is, she preferred the dining room floor to the back yard.  In short, Katie was becoming a burden to her family.


A visit to the vet left her with a prescription for antibiotics to prevent potential skin infection  and a steroid for the itching.  After a month, Katie’s skin was slightly improved except now she had diarrhea nearly every day and was lethargic.


The vet then prescribed another medication for the diarrhea in hopes it would also deal with the fatigue.  It appeared Katie was moving towards chronic illness and her meds were stacking up.


Katie’s owners decided to halt the drugs.   Instead, they gave her Sulphur 200 four times in one day once every 2 weeks.


Within the first 3 days, Katie stopped messing in the house and seemed to be much like her old self again.  She still scratched, but it occurred less frequently and for a shorter duration.


Her family noted that the odor seemed to dissipate around a week or so after starting the remedy and the diarrhea tapered off over a period of two weeks.


One month later, the family reported that their pet was free of the itching, odor, malaise and even the side effects from the ill-conceived drugs.


Placebo or genuine medicine?  Katie and her family know the answer—homeopathy’s the real thing.


Treating pets may seem more difficult than finding the correct remedy for our child’s ailment because your pet can’t relay symptoms.


Here’s where our powers of observation are honed.  Every behavior of the animal is a clue.


Is she cowering in the corner?  That’s anxiety.


Is she thirsty or eating more than usual?  The presence or absence of thirst and appetite is an important guiding symptom and is easily

observable in animals.


We repertorize the symptoms of our pets exactly the same way as we do for any human ailment.  If you’ve got a pooch with a skin problem, research rashes in your homeopathy books.


No matter that the book is geared toward humans.  Symptoms are symptoms and are real as long as they’re not side effects of a drug.


Try treating your pet, livestock or wildlife.


In no time you’ll have enough familiarity to recognize the correct remedy in a jiffy.


Interested in reading more about how we know homeopathy is effective?  Download my article Scientific Research on Homeopathy’s

Efficacy to learn more.  Lots more great info on my website http://homeopathyworks.net/.

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You’re about to head off on a wonderful summer trip.  Don’t let the dread of jet lag dampen your fun.  Fortunately for you, homeopathy can work wonders for relieving this unpleasant condition.


We can think of jet lag as a disruption of the body’s internal balance.  Restoring equilibrium and setting things to right is exactly what homeopathy does best.  And most importantly, it does it gently.


The next time you travel across multiple time zones keep the following list of remedies handy.  Once you’ve determined the remedy that best fits the totality of your symptoms, take a dose in the 30th potency every 3-4 hours or more frequently if the situation is more severe.




This is the premier remedy for any type of trauma.  Jet lag may not seem like an injury, but it does wreak havoc with the body’s internal clock.  A feeling of weakness and soreness is present because the person is so tired.


Cocculus indicus

A person needing Cocculus experiences nausea or dizziness in addition to  the extreme fatigue of jet lag.  In order to avoid vomiting, she is forced to lie down.  Although this person is tired, she reports feeling too tired to sleep.  Fresh air, food and drink make the condition worse.



The keynotes of the remedy Gelsemium are feelings of exhaustion and mental dullness.  Extreme prostration is also noted.  We can therefore think of this remedy for jet lag where the tiredness is so extreme that there is almost a sense of paralysis because the person needing this remedy has such difficulty even getting out of bed.


Nux vomica

Think of Nux for case of jet lag where the disruption in the body’s internal cycles manifests itself in constipation or gastrointestinal disturbances.  Irritability may be marked along with sleep problems. 



Now that’s you’ve brushed up on what remedies to use for jet lag, you’re ready to hop on that plane.  Here’s one more  homeopathic tip before you go.  Dissolve a few tablets of the homeopathic cell salt Nat mur 6x in water and mist your face during the flight.  Nat mur is made from sodium chloride, the same mineral in our bodies that regulates moisture balance.  This little gem in your water bottle will help you stay hydrated and feel refreshed as you make your final descent to your destination.


Happy travels.  Just remember to take homeopathy with you!


Joette Calabrese, HMC,CCH,RSHom is a homeopath and mom who has depended solely on homeopathy and nutrition in raising her family without a single drug….ever!

If you find this kind of information valuable, you can learn more about homeopathy at her site: homeopathyworks.net.  Contact her office at 716.941.1045 to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation to learn if homeopathy might be a good fit with your health strategy.

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In case you missed my free webinar, The Five Most Common Mistakes Parents Make in Their Children’s Health, I wanted to share an excerpt from the section on croup.


Croup is a respiratory infection accompanied by a harsh, barking cough. Most common in very young children, croup frightens parents because it sounds as if the child can’t catch his breath. This viral infection leads to swelling that constricts the respiratory passages causing very loud breathing sounds. Croup should be carefully watched, and emergency care sought if breathing is too labored, but a parent armed with a little homeopathic know-how and common horse sense can successfully treat croup at home.


First, bring your child into the bathroom and place him next to the running shower where he will be exposed to the steam. You should see a modicum of improvement in his breathing after half an hour or so of being exposed to this warm, moist air. The breathing passages will relax and the cough will diminish.


Next, select the best fit from the following three homeopathic remedies.


When choosing croup remedies, our main focus is time.


• If the cough begins just after midnight and your little one is fearful, then the remedy is Aconitum 30. As always, Aconitum is most useful at the beginning stages of an illness and for symptoms that come on suddenly. So if your child has had croup for over 24 hours, it’s unlikely that Aconitum will be of value.


• If instead, it’s closer to 2 AM or the cough sounds like a saw grinding through wood, then use Spongia 30. Cold drinks and talking make the cough worse when Spongia is the correct remedy.


• A croup cough that begins at 3 AM generally calls for Hepar sulph 30. The child is irritable and the cough rattling. Coldness and drafts make the cough worse.


Choose one of the above remedies and administer it every 30 minutes if the cough is severe and every 2 hours if it’s a milder version. As soon as improvement ensues, stop the remedy.  One of the clearest signs that the baby is improving is if he falls asleep.  If on waking the cough returns, continue treatment.


There you have it! You’ve just learned how to treat a cough that has frightened parents and baffled emergency room personnel for years. In just 3 minutes, you’ve become a mini expert. You can treat your child’s croup yourself.

Do you wish you could be the healer in your family? I know what it’s like. As a mom and homeopath, I’ve distilled my techniques into a system that will teach you how to take care of your family via homeopathy, common horse sense and just the right measure of nutrition. It’s called “How to Raise a Drug Free Family” and I teach you my methods, tips and tricks designed for mothers and others all wrapped up into one system. I promise you’ll love what you’ll be able to accomplish with this information.

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Here’s a little exchange I had recently with a reader via our facebook site.  I think it’s a helpful illustration of the safety of homeopathic remedies.


Q: Based on what I learned from your webinar, I recently used Chamomilla with great success on my grandson.  My daughter was curious about the remedy so she looked it up on the internet.  She read that Chamomilla is a blood thinner.  Should we be concerned by this?


A:   What your daughter likely found on the internet was information regarding chamomile, the herb.   Homeopathic remedies can be made from herbs but utilize a special process that renders the original substance relatively safe.   The potency or dilution process as well as the frequency of dosing is what determines the safety. When used in the common potencies such as 30x or 30c (available at health food stores and in our office) and when used as directed,  homeopathic remedies are one of the safest forms of medicine on the market.   The unique dilution process eliminates toxicity and brings forth the curative aspect of the original substance from which it’s made.  There is nothing in these 30th potencies that should cause any concern as long as they are used according to the directions.


Further, Chamomilla acts as a blood thinner only in those whose blood needs thinning.  In the same way, it will only work for teething problems when teething problems are present.  Remedies don’t force a pathology like drugs.  They simply stimulate the body’s ability to make things right.  


Remedies are prepared from benign as well as noxious substances.  During the dilution and succession process, the toxicity is actually reversed and the substance becomes restorative.  For example, if exposure to poison ivy causes a painful rash, poison ivy made into a homeopathically prepared remedy can help someone suffering with the same symptoms.  Hence it would be considered for chicken pox.


Chemically speaking, once we move past a 12C dilution, there is only a nano amount of the original substance that remains in the remedy.  Even if we begin with something toxic like poison ivy, once diluted and potentized, its toxicity is eliminated.  That is the great mystery of chemistry.


In all of homeopathy’s 200-plus years of medical history, not a single remedy (all of which are regulated by the FDA, by the way) has been taken off the market.  I’ll bet the drug companies wish they could say that!


Be bold in taking charge of your family’s health, but rest assured that homeopathic remedies are safe when administered properly.  If you are already using homeopathy at home, you’re on the right track.  I encourage you to take advantage of the resources we offer at homeopathyworks.net to help you develop confidence in your ability to treat the illness that are bound to come your way.  Yearn to learn.


As Mother’s Day approaches, I can’t think of a better gift idea for a mom than the opportunity to learn how to be the healer of her family.  I’m sharing what I’ve learned from my decades as a mom and homeopath in my new system “How to Raise a Drug Free Family.” This learning community kicks into gear soon, but sign-ups and payment plans are still available.  Click below to learn more.


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As a parent, is there anything more frightening than a young child with a high fever? Even those of us who have decided to raise our children without the use of drugs could find our resolve weakening without proper preparation in the face of a thermometer reading north of 103⁰. Before you grab the Tylenol, take the time to memorize these three fever remedies.


This is the whole point of my recently introduced system How to Raise a Drug Free Family. We owe it to our families to learn this stuff now, before the fever hits or the flu appears.


Here’s my easy to remember ABC guide to treating fevers with homeopathy:


A) Aconitum 30: This remedy is useful for a fever with quick onset. In contrast to an illness that develops over several days, fevers that can be helped with Aconitum are suddenly high. However, if you don’t catch the fever within the first 12 hours of illness, don’t bother with this remedy. It won’t be the correct choice at that point.


B) Belladonna 30: If the fever is very high, think Belladonna. The child’s face might be flushed bright red from the heat and his eyes may be glassy with dilated pupils. He may even appear delirious.


C) Chamomilla 30: Chamomilla is an extremely useful remedy for fevers accompanying teething. The child who needs Chamomilla is fractious, unable to be comforted, and irritable. He may beg to be picked up, but then demand to be put down again. If you see a child arching his back in frustration while being held, this is a good indication that Chamomilla is the remedy required.


Give a dose of your chosen remedy every 3 hours up to 4 doses and stop as soon as there’s improvement. If your child falls asleep, that’s a great sign that you’ve probably selected the proper remedy. If the fever has returned when he awakens, then continue using that same remedy.


If you’ve selected correctly, you’ll witness a thing of beauty.  Remember, we’re really not treating a fever; we’re just using the characteristics of it to help us determine the remedy that needs to be used to treat the child as a whole.


The fever will inadvertently melt away, but more importantly, the child will be well—most noticeably in his demeanor.  If you don’t see this occur, then you’ve chosen incorrectly or not used the correct procedure because homeopathy ALWAYS works when the remedy is right on.  There you have it!  Now you’re a fever expert.



Just a gentle reminder that if you find this kind of information useful , then consider studying with a select group of mothers and others in my year long system;  How to Raise a Drug Free Family. I promise you’ll love what you and your family will get out of this. 

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Thanks to each of you who joined me on my first, free webinar called, “The 5 Most Common Mistakes Parents Make in Their Children’s Health.” We had a great turnout and I hope that many mothers (and others!) are encouraged to give homeopathy a try in their own homes.


In case you weren’t able to attend, I’d like to share some easy remedy suggestions that you can administer for popular pathologies, instead of resorting to over-the-counter meds, antibiotics and all the other drugs that you’re advised by the medical establishment to use.


THIS is how you set your purpose into motion.  This is how you reclaim your God-given right to take care of your children.


This is how you can easily create a home setting where you’ll be prepared for anything. Don’t wait until it happens; learn this stuff now.

  • Rhus tox instead of Tylenol for chicken pox
  • Belladonna instead of acetaminophen for fevers over 104°
  • Hypericum instead of Vicodin for dental work
  • Chamomilla or Belladonna instead of codeine for ear infections
  • Arnica instead of Ibuprofen for strains, sprains and injuries in general
  • Coffea instead of Lunesta for insomnia
  • Aurum instead of Zoloft for mild depression
  • Staphasagria or Cantharis instead of antibiotics for UTI’s
  • Nux vomica or Arsenicum album instead of Imodium or Xifaxin for diarrhea


With the right tools, you’ll be well prepared for the typical illnesses that most families face.


Homeopathic remedies are the best tools we have; you and your family deserve nothing less!

If you’d like to learn more about raising your family without drugs, consider joining me and other moms throughout the world for my first, year-long webinar course, “The How to Raise a Drug Free Family System.” Check out more details here!

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It’s that hay fever time of year again.  Not only does springtime bring us bright, cheerful blossoms, but it also bestows upon many of us a not-so-cheerful-time: allergy season.

Fortunately, some of the great minds of homeopathy have taken up the subject of hay fever.  They maintain that it’s the result of poorly treated fevers during childhood and youth.

In other words, hay fever can be directly attributed to the countless doctors, who unknowingly handed out detrimental drugs like aspirin, Tylenol and antibiotics to address fevers in children.  This is what many believe cause hay fever later in life and this is reason enough not to use drugs of commerce when addressing fevers.

Since we can’t return to the past, we must work with what we have.  Luckily for us, we have homeopathy!

Homeopathy is unique because it doesn’t treat the illness, but treats the entire person.  This means that five people with hay fever could receive five different remedies, depending upon each person’s symptoms or how each illness presents.

A homeopathic remedy is chosen based on the symptoms at hand and generally, it’s given hourly, if the symptoms are severe.  If the hay fever is not presenting yet, but is forthcoming, then give the remedy three times per day, every day, during the weeks leading up to it.

The premier remedy to not only prevent the threatening attack, but to subdue one that has already begun, is Mag Phos 6x.

Mag phos is a remedy for spasms, so it will relax the spasms of sneezing fits.  It is best administered in a cup of hot water and then sipped, one sip at a time, every 30 seconds or so.   I like to call this remedy Mug phos because it works so well in a mug of hot water; it is often the only remedy needed to abort a sneezing episode.

If a person craves salt and the sunlight worsens both the sneezing and runny eyes, and if the nose and other associated areas itch, then Nat mur 6x is indicated. This can be taken 3 times per day for maintenance and up to 10 times per day when the suffering is more extreme.

Silica 6x is a remedy for those who have itching deep in the nose, in the back of the throat and deep in the ears.  There is often violent sneezing with tingling in the nose, especially in the morning.  The mucus can be of a burning nature, accompanied by hoarseness and dryness in the throat.  This is relieved by a cool drink of water. All of these symptoms, especially a tickling in the throat, are made worse by lying down at night.  Use this in the same fashion as Nat mur.

Then, there are combination remedies such as Sabadil, made by Boiron. It’s made up of several remedies, all of which are known to address hay fever.   Many of my clients have found relief from it.

We can’t assume that the above remedies will thoroughly eliminate hay fever forever, but they can certainly make enduring allergy season a bit easier.

It’s always worth a try to do this alone, but if complete success is the goal, and there’s an interest in deepening the curative action of homeopathy, contact your homeopath. This way, you’ll get to the bottom of it and prevent it from becoming an annual affair….often forever!

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