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I always enjoy hearing from my readers and so I was especially grateful for the following message I recently received.

I thought it would be nice to share with you since it embodies so much of what we experience on our journey toward health and wellness.

So, thank you Michael for your great message and I hope you’ll be able to join me in my new webinar system coming up this spring.

It’s called, “How to Raise a Drug Free Family”. It will take you to the next level of understanding in homeopathy.

Stay in touch.  I love to hear how students of homeopathy, like Michael, fare:

“Hi There, I guess you can call me a homeopathic enthusiast.

I’m also a huge fan of the Weston A. Price foundation because they seem to have the pieces put together correctly on what we are supposed to be eating… the same things our ancestors ate and how we evolved… not these pyramids… I took several two day classes on homeopathy for animals a few years ago… I don’t own any animals so I used most of that knowledge on myself and my friends… had some good positive results… and some that left me scratching my head… all in all, it’s been a great learning experience and I will never look at disease the same way ever again.

I would like to try and continue learning more on these fronts and I am glad to have found this website.

Thank you, Mike Gurecki, Bradford, PA”

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Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house we go! And to your sister’s and brother’s and maybe another’s and stuffing and eggnog and pies, oh my…before you know it, the holiday becomes a time of over eating and over drinking.  So what can we do to prepare?  Keep these must-have remedies on hand and be prepared for unending feasting.

The best way to use these homeopathic remedies is to take one dose every 3-4 hours over the period of 1-2 days.  When improved, stop.

1)    When over eating has caused nausea that you wish would just produce vomiting to get it over with, then your remedy is Nux vomica 30.

2)    Nux vomica is also a capitol choice for the proverbial hangover.  It will end nausea and vomiting in relatively short order.

3)    When relentless vomiting is the main symptom, try Ipecac 30.

4)    When there is simple indigestion and over acidity, then Nat phos 6x can be taken every hour. Use in place of antacids.

5)    For true food poisoning such that causes chills, stomach pains and anxiety then Arsenicum album 30 should be taken. This is best saved for when your turkey is tainted.

6)    And one more tip for good measure! For indigestion, add a splash of vinegar to a glass of water and drink. It will bring soothing relief.

Try these tried and true homeopathic remedies this year and you might just find it easier to enjoy yourself – Happy Thanksgiving!

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Who am I?

I am fearful and anxious

I am restless and pace around the room

I have burning pain, but feel much better with warmth!

I am nauseous from food poisoning

I am Arsenicum album




Who am I?

I am over the top and over-indulge

I have gastro-intestinal disturbances

I am impatient and irritable

I am cold and chilly and want to stay under the covers

I am Nux vomica

So, just  remember us especially when you have a gastro                                               intestinal problem.

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It’s that time of year when our lives are in full swing.  Each day is packed with dance classes, soccer practices, weekend activities, grocery shopping, oh! The list goes on and on.

We end up following the daily planner to the “T” just to be sure that everything gets done.

If you’re like me, marking your calendar with the remedies you and your family might, need keeps life a bit more tidy.

One way to be sure that we take our homeopathic remedies, is to carry them along with us; they are great for on-the-go!

A fabulous purse, utilitarian back pack or diaper bag…..these all work just fine.

Carry them either as dry pills or in water.  I like to put my cell salts in a glass water bottle, label it and take it with me. That way, if it’s in the car, at school, or out shopping, I can always have my remedy handy, if needed.

The one I usually take along is Calc fluor 6x.  It’s great for strengthening teeth, keeping wrinkles from forming and nails hard.

How do you keep  your remedies close by?

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It goes without saying: Homeopathy works.

But don’t misunderstand me; this doesn’t mean that homeopathic remedies are indestructible! These delicate powerhouses can be antidoted (cancelled out) by certain items and foods.

And what could be worse than using a remedy that you know is correct and not seeing the benefits?!

It’s disheartening.

To avoid this dilemma, stay away from these chief offenders as they can cancel out the remedy’s ability to act:

Mint,  Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Oil of Oregano, Strong chemical odors, Strong paint odors, Ammonia and Coffee (if it isn’t a part of your daily habit).

Not everyone has the same sensitivity to these substances; however, it’s best to avoid them entirely when using homeopathic remedies, just to be on the safe side.

Because the remedy’s stimulus is present in the body for at least 5 days after it has been taken, hold off from these antidoting substances for at least that long, so as not to interfere with the body’s healing process.

Just rest assured, though. If you make a mistake, carry on with the schedule as though you weren’t exposed. I say this because it’s difficult to know definitely, whether and to what degree, the remedy was antidote. So it’s best not to retake a remedy after slipping up.  Retaking the dose might introduce too strong a stimulus to the body.

To help prevent little slip-ups from occurring, here are 5 easy ways to avoid the antidotes.

  • Give mint-flavored products a break and give cinnamon, clove or almond flavors, (to name a few) the lime light! Be careful; mint is often hidden in cinnamon flavors.
  • Give mint-flavored products a break and give cinnamon, clove or almond flavors, (to name a few) the lime light! Be careful; mint is often hidden in cinnamon flavors.
  • Instead of mint flavored toothpastes, try Cherry or Anise flavors,  available online or from health food stores.
  • Make your own toothpaste, like we do at home, by using baking soda and cinnamon.
  •  Try moisturizing your lips with coconut oil. You can fill a small lip-balm container and keep it with you throughout the day. (I find mine with the travel-size items in local grocery stores)
  • Enjoy gentler drinks, like herbal teas or this herbal coffee blend.

Occasionally, you’ll find mint in tabuoli, kibi, meatballs and other Mediterranean fare.  In this case, it’s usually so small an amount, that it generally doesn’t cause a problem.

Meanwhile, as the remedy stimulates your body’s ability to balance, you may come to find, that these strong odors are less and less a threat for antidoting a remedy.

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice.  The reader is encouraged to make independent inquires and to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider.

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Teachers have so much on their plates. More and more, middle and high school teachers are faced with disciplinary problems while they strive to maintain a peaceful environment in their classrooms. One teacher told me that after a long day, she’d come home, lay her clothes out for the next morning and sleep until then, when the whole routine started all over again!

To ensure that you get your much-needed and well-earned Zzz’s, let me offer you a remedy lesson. It could help you become an A+ teacher!

As a homeopathic consultant/educator, teachers frequently come to me for help. Many deal with stress that comes in the form of wakefulness, anxiety or even a nervous stomach.

Sleep can be disturbed when the load of responsibilities and paper work pile high. The remedy Nux vomica can be a gift if you frequently wake at 3 AM and can’t fall back to sleep because your mind is wide awake, thinking of the impending day’s tasks. Those who need Nux vomica can also be plagued with digestion issues such as constipation, bloating, gas and other gastro intestinal complaints. Irritability is a common symptom, too.

It has been repeatedly shown that when Nux vomica 30 is taken four times in one day and then repeated one week later, sleep and calm are restored and gastro intestinal problems melt away.

(But remember, the specific symptoms listed above must be present, in order for this remedy to do its work. A different set of symptoms calls for a different remedy altogether.  This can make choosing a remedy a bit more confounding, but it’s worth all the effort!)

After the correct remedy has been chosen, sleep can be restored and the peripheral issues will melt away. Can we ask for more?

If Nux vomica doesn’t complete the job, a call to a classical homeopath can be beneficial. It may mean deeper work needs to be addressed.  There are literally hundreds of homeopathic remedies available, which have been shown to eliminate stress-related problems unique to teachers. A homeopathic consultant can sort through them to find the perfect remedy for you. And when you learn this lesson, pass it along to colleagues and parents.

Homeopathy is medicine without side effects, is safe and most importantly, it works!


The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice.  The reader is encouraged to make independent inquires and to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider.

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Can you think of anything worse than the thought of pinworms?  Because pinworms are a common childhood infection, regrettably, they’re prevalent  in schools, too.

Consider this your first lesson in homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a method of medicine that has the gentle and powerful ability to deal with easily spread infections, such as pin worms and colds.

Let’s look at two homeopathic remedies that have a reputation of protecting teachers (and students) who’ve been exposed to these common childhood sicknesses.

When the classroom epidemic is pinworms, there is a great little remedy that is reputed to be just as powerful, not only to eliminate them, but which can be used as a prophylactic.

(Remember, the alternative is not a pleasant one. Conventional medicine will suggest a medicine that is a vermicide.  The suffix “cide” means to kill.  This means that the active ingredient is a pesticide of sorts, which kills the worms. We want to get rid of the worms, but not at the expense of harming the body with a vermicide.)

Instead, the remedy Cina creates an unfriendly environment so that the worms will expel themselves.  Cina tincture can be used by taking 6 drops in water, then sipping the water throughout the day for 15 days in a row.  It should be repeated one month later in the same manner. This is the advice of practicing homeopaths of India where this kind of infestations is even more prevalent than in the U.S.

Homeopathy has helped many teachers from getting contaminated with this insidious infection even when nearly the entire class is affected.

For colds, my favorite remedy for our family is Oscillococcinum.  In France, it is the top selling, over-the-counter medicine of any kind.  They use it as the premiere remedy to abort a cold or flu before it comes on or before it comes on in full force.  The French take it as a preventative as soon as the first student begins to sniffle and then one day each week for a month, then one day each month until the cold season is over.

Plenty of other Europeans and Americans use it too.

That’s because the protection it offers can be significant, as long as it’s taken before the symptoms get a foothold.  Oscillococcinum is reputed to be particularly valuable when the colds and flu’s come about during the wet and cold seasons, such as autumn and spring.  Some say it’s infallible.

All of these remedies are available at health food stores and many pharmacies and will cost no more than $15.  Additionally, homeopathy will not interfere with any meds you may already be taking.

If you find that your health is too often plagued by the latest illness in school, give homeopathy a try.  It may even become the discovery you innovate in your next science class.

Pinworms and Colds; Who Needs Them? Protect Yourself, Teachers is solely intended to provide a format in assisting the student in learning the principles of Homeopathy.   It is in no way to be considered a substitute for a consultation with a health professional.

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