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There was a time when we did as we were told.  We listened to our parents, teachers, and authority in all its faces and adhered to the rules of the day.  As youngsters it was an appropriate and accepted way of conduct.

Today, much of what we were taught has been turned upside down.  The voice of today’s society rings of topsy-turvy counsel.  Instead of work first and play later, our world entreats us to play first.

Instead of buying a home that we can afford, we’re encouraged to borrow beyond our means.  Instead of firm discipline in the home, we’re directed by faddish psycho-babble to give our kids “space” and privacy.

I say it’s time to turn back the clock…or perhaps swing it forward.  Whatever the direction, it’s time we take back control of our lives and use common horse sense.

For example, does it make sense to get a flu shot that may be made from the wrong strain?

This is a frequent occurrence. Since the epidemiologists do not know which strain is forthcoming each flu season, they make a soup of the latest microorganisms.  Then it’s injected directly into the bloodstream.

Interestingly, many who are vaccinated get the flu anyway—either in spite of or perhaps because of the vaccine itself.

And, what about the connection between the flu shot and muscle pain?  It has been clinically noted that when healthy patients yield to flu shots in autumn, they succumb to fibromyalgia by winter or spring.

Fibromyalgia is one of the symptoms of the flu!

Remember the achy joints and bones that come with the flu?  That’s fibromyalgia. The short-lived achiness that accompanies the flu becomes a full-fledged chronic condition when the immune system is tampered with as it is with a vaccine.

Indeed, I think we’ve lost perspective.

Why not simply take a gentle homeopathic remedy that works better and more delicately and politely on the system?

Consider Oscillococcinum (pronounced: oh-sill-oh-cock-sign-um).  It happens to be the #1 over-the-counter and prescription medication in France—a place where homeopathy is highly regarded by the medical profession as well as by lay people.

But the reason for its popularity is simple–it works.

Oscillococcinum is made from the heart and liver of a waterfowl, and is particularly useful for the onset of colds and flu that come on in the wet season, such as in fall or spring.

If taken at the onset of a cold, it will usually stop it dead in its tracks.

But here is the best part: if taken as a prophylactic, say, once per week for four weeks and then once each month until the flu season is over, it will usually  protect you and your family from the flu.

If indeed the person still gets a cold or flu after taking this remedy, it will often ensure a much milder episode.

This is rational medicine.

No drugs.

No side effects.

No questionable ingredients.

Do you need another reason to take this remedy?

How about a cost of less than $19?

I certainly wouldn’t want to dictate what you ought to do for the upcoming season.

That would put me in the same category as proselytizing drug manufacturers. However, this little lesson may just convince the staunchest advocates of modern medicine of the power of homeopathy.

Consider each and decide for yourself.

Drugs or homeopathy?

For my clients, family and me, the decision is straightforward– homeopathy for gentler, more capable results.


For more info on how to be prepared to handle the flu with homeopathy and common sense check out the free download Ahh Choo!! The Flu on my website homeopathyworks.net.

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Recently I heard a mom declare, “I wish I had taken my job as a mother more seriously.  My kids might not have the chronic illnesses they suffer from today.”


Preparation for motherhood ought not to be random or casual.  It needs to be faced with the same kind of intent and commitment as getting your PhD.

Understanding how to prepare nutritious meals is key, setting them on the right moral path is paramount and treating their illnesses without detrimental drugs, downright fundamental.

Only a century ago, that’s just what mothers did.  They learned how to treat fever, coughs, injuries, colic and such without bowing to a modern medical paradigm of a synthetic pill for every ill.

Why?  Well, mostly because moms didn’t trust modern medicine.

Do you?

If you embrace medicine of commerce and seek frequent medical procedures, then the information I’m about to present is not for you.

But if you’re like mothers of old or even modern ones, who celebrate their knowledge of intelligent natural health, then read on.

An important place to begin is in knowing how to treat fever. Here’s the rule of thumb when treating a fever….


No aspirin, no Tylenol, no antibiotics.  Why?  Because fever is not an illness, it’s a symptom.  Treating symptoms is what drugs do. And we don’t like that paradigm because drugs don’t get to the root of the problem.  They only eliminate the signs of illness.

“She was convulsing. I was scared and so I had to give her something.”

Even febrile convulsions are nothing to fear in a normal child. In fact, if your child has them and you rush to the hospital, by the time you get there, they’ll have passed. There’s no conventional treatment anyway.  Further, a convulsion is a normal regulatory response which indicates a fast paced fever, not a high one.

“But the fever was already at 105.  I can’t do nothing.”

Brain damage occurs at 107.6 and it is rare indeed when a fever in a child goes beyond 106.  In fact, the higher the fever up to that point, the more capable of self cure.

“But he could barely sleep and it’s hard to watch him suffer.”

Why, certainly fever’s uncomfortable!  So?

Would you suppress vomiting if he had eaten bad chicken?

These are responses required for genuine health.

It is an understood truth of human pathology that fever cures.  In fact, a fever is often employed in uprooting chronic illness.   One of the foundational principles in homeopathy is that chronic illness is often the result of acute illness that has been stifled.

No tinkering with meds.  Just stand back and watch the miracle of the human body find its way to restoration on its own.

In the process, keep your child hydrated. Dehydration is the only true threat accompanying fever. So insist on quality liquids and maintain bed rest.

There are many methods that as a mom, you need to have in your bag of tricks. The most important is how to interpret illness; when to act and when not.

Join me and millions of educated moms who have found that genuine health begins with the comprehension of genuine health principles.

Get your PhD on how to care for your children as though  it is your only assignment in life.

Because it is.

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Uh oh, the sun is gone.

With autumn’s arrival, many of us have to say goodbye to sunny skies for what will be many dreary months.

Whenever I sit in the sun, like my cell phone juice, I can feel the bars filling up again.

But without our free source of vitamin D, we’re left to fend for ourselves to keep vitamin D levels adequate.

No one wants the winter blues and it’s well established that they result from a deficiency of vitamin D, present in soluble fats.

How can we be certain that our families are getting enough vitamin D in their diet without relying on the so-called “fortified” cereals, milks and synthetic vitamins?

As a homeopath who teaches mothers and others how to maintain and restore heath, I often suggest using lard in baking (like our grandmother’s pies!) and in sautéing.  I also teach folks how to employ homeopathic remedies, such as Calc phos 6x, to help promote the proper absorption of nutrients.

All good stuff.

But truly, the easiest way to sustain vitamin D in the winter is to take fermented cod liver oil daily.

Yet, I’ll share a secret.  I teach my clients that cod liver oil is essential even in the warmer months.   Why? Because no matter how often our children are outside, getting vitamin D from the sun, another priceless characteristic of cod liver oil is in fact, the liver itself. Quite simply, liver contains more nutrients, gram for gram, than any other food!

It took me years to learn the importance of the consistent habit of eating liver, particularly that from a clean source.  Yet, when I was raising my children, it was nearly impossible to get liver into them.  After years of pâté, liver smothered in bacon and onions and many turned up noses, I simply had to find a simple solution. Desiccated beef liver, available from Radiant Life in both powder and capsules, provides a convenient way to obtain all the legendary health and nutritional benefits of liver.

It can even be sprinkled into soups and stews and served to unsuspecting recipients of this sacred food!

Getting back to the importance of fermented cod liver oil…

Fermented cod liver oil is a time-tested method for consuming these most precious nutrients. Our ancestors instinctively understood the importance of daily cod liver oil long before the studies substantiated the findings.

My Italian grandmothers raised their large and robust families on such fare. When there was barely enough money for milk during the depression, they made certain that their children at least had cod liver oil. Fermented cod liver oil wasn’t available to them, but at least plain cod liver oil was.

Fermented cod liver oil is packed with fat-soluble vitamin D, which helps promote bone and teeth growth, as well as building immunity. Additionally, it supports healthy body weight and encourages brain development and lung function.

The high quality fermented fare   wasn’t available in capsules when my children were young.  So,  I incorporated a nightly ritual of taking cod liver oil with a tall glass of fresh milk.  My boys affectionately dubbed it the “spoon of doom”.

It made it more fun.

Things are different today. Now, my sons are young men and they take their fermented cod liver oil daily on their own.  In fact, while in college, they often doubled up on their dose while studying for exams.  The results were always high grades.

Radiant Life makes these age-old products available, and I make the recommendation to all my students/clients and anyone who asks, to take advantage of this near perfect food. For those who wish to avoid the cod liver oil’s taste, fermented cod liver oil capsules are the answer to skipping over the “spoon of doom”.

No need to let those clouds keep you and your family down this season. Instead, make Fermented Cod Liver Oil part of your daily routine and you’ll keep your brain sharp and a sunny smile, too.

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 Do you know how you felt on the first Christmas when you learned that there was no Santa?  That feeling of exhilaration because of the festivities, family and gifts, but then a let down from the reminder that the kindly old fellow didn’t really exist.

Well, that’s the way I felt at the Weston A. Price Conference last weekend in Dallas.

The camaraderie, the astute and inspiring speakers, and then the recollection of the cold reality that we have a mountain to move to get our voices heard regarding food and health freedom.

Then again, the pure delight of meeting so many able people.  This was often followed by sadness when my glance met the eyes of moms who were suffering remorse when they realized they had previously made questionable choices for their families.

Up, down, up down.

It was almost dizzying with intellectual and arousing shifts. I needed to put it all straight in my head.

After pondering it on my flight home, I came away from it all with three ideas:

1)     That this freedom movement will be arduous, but possible and even quite probable.

2)     That what we had given our children and what we had allowed them to be subjected to, compared to what we give them now involves an important path that is practically necessary to a newly acquired thought process.   For, we’d probably not be interested in any of this, if it hadn’t been for someone we love who has suffered at the hand of industrialized foods and chemical medical methods.

3)     That we’re not alone; each in our own cities and towns, with joined hands around the world in one of the most riveting movements of our times.

I met and dined with a wonderful 70+ year old architect from Australia, a young father from England and  a  woman from South America.  I met Conservative Jews, Amish, Bible-based Christians, Roman Catholics, New- Agers, Conservatives, Liberals, and Libertarians.  And we all agreed on one thing…..health freedom is a commanding movement in our world.

I’ve been interested and involved in this philosophy for nearly 30 years.  It has shaped the posturing of my mothering skills, professional choices and political positions…. even my religious affiliation.

Yet, until I experienced the depth and breadth of this conference with over 1500 participants, it had never occurred to me in most of those years that this could be a full-fledged faction of such proportion.

Surely there is a Santa.  I know, because I’ve met his elves.

They were all bustling at the Weston A. Price Conference in Dallas and they’re making their place in American and world history.

Real food, family farms, drug free medicine and empowerment to families is real.

Santa lives!

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Who am I?

I am fearful and anxious

I am restless and pace around the room

I have burning pain, but feel much better with warmth!

I am nauseous from food poisoning

I am Arsenicum album




Who am I?

I am over the top and over-indulge

I have gastro-intestinal disturbances

I am impatient and irritable

I am cold and chilly and want to stay under the covers

I am Nux vomica

So, just  remember us especially when you have a gastro                                               intestinal problem.

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Sodium Fluoride, Triclosan (a pesticide according to the EPA!), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Propylene Glycol.

These are the common ingredients in your tube of toothpaste. None of them are good for you, your gums, your liver or your pearly whites.

Lately, I’ve received inquiries from folks who are looking for effective and safe toothpastes to use while taking their remedies.

Let me share with you what I personally use and what anyone else can try!

Not only is this toothpaste safe to take when using homeopathic remedies (remember, mint can be an antidote to homeopathic remedies), it is also far safer for the entire body than most products on the market today.

And it’s inexpensive to boot!  I also like the idea that moms can make these kinds of products at home with their children in order to teach them the importance of self reliance.

Here’s what you do:

Mix together the following ingredients:

  • 1 cup Baking Soda
  • ¼ cup French Clay (found at  most health food stores)
  • 1 drop essential oil (I like to use cinnamon oil, but other great choices are clove, anise, fennel, myrrh, rosemary, lemon or even orange oils.)

I keep my toothpowder in a pretty porcelain cup.

To use this mixture, just wet your brush and dip it into the toothpowder. In essence, you are cleaning the brush; the mechanics of the brush are what really clean your teeth.

Important note:  Because baking soda is an abrasive, using too much can be detrimental, so a very little goes a long way. If you have too much powder on your brush it can be too abrasive and remove the dentin.

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Teachers have so much on their plates. More and more, middle and high school teachers are faced with disciplinary problems while they strive to maintain a peaceful environment in their classrooms. One teacher told me that after a long day, she’d come home, lay her clothes out for the next morning and sleep until then, when the whole routine started all over again!

To ensure that you get your much-needed and well-earned Zzz’s, let me offer you a remedy lesson. It could help you become an A+ teacher!

As a homeopathic consultant/educator, teachers frequently come to me for help. Many deal with stress that comes in the form of wakefulness, anxiety or even a nervous stomach.

Sleep can be disturbed when the load of responsibilities and paper work pile high. The remedy Nux vomica can be a gift if you frequently wake at 3 AM and can’t fall back to sleep because your mind is wide awake, thinking of the impending day’s tasks. Those who need Nux vomica can also be plagued with digestion issues such as constipation, bloating, gas and other gastro intestinal complaints. Irritability is a common symptom, too.

It has been repeatedly shown that when Nux vomica 30 is taken four times in one day and then repeated one week later, sleep and calm are restored and gastro intestinal problems melt away.

(But remember, the specific symptoms listed above must be present, in order for this remedy to do its work. A different set of symptoms calls for a different remedy altogether.  This can make choosing a remedy a bit more confounding, but it’s worth all the effort!)

After the correct remedy has been chosen, sleep can be restored and the peripheral issues will melt away. Can we ask for more?

If Nux vomica doesn’t complete the job, a call to a classical homeopath can be beneficial. It may mean deeper work needs to be addressed.  There are literally hundreds of homeopathic remedies available, which have been shown to eliminate stress-related problems unique to teachers. A homeopathic consultant can sort through them to find the perfect remedy for you. And when you learn this lesson, pass it along to colleagues and parents.

Homeopathy is medicine without side effects, is safe and most importantly, it works!


The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice.  The reader is encouraged to make independent inquires and to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider.

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