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Here’s a little exchange I had recently with a reader via our facebook site.  I think it’s a helpful illustration of the safety of homeopathic remedies.


Q: Based on what I learned from your webinar, I recently used Chamomilla with great success on my grandson.  My daughter was curious about the remedy so she looked it up on the internet.  She read that Chamomilla is a blood thinner.  Should we be concerned by this?


A:   What your daughter likely found on the internet was information regarding chamomile, the herb.   Homeopathic remedies can be made from herbs but utilize a special process that renders the original substance relatively safe.   The potency or dilution process as well as the frequency of dosing is what determines the safety. When used in the common potencies such as 30x or 30c (available at health food stores and in our office) and when used as directed,  homeopathic remedies are one of the safest forms of medicine on the market.   The unique dilution process eliminates toxicity and brings forth the curative aspect of the original substance from which it’s made.  There is nothing in these 30th potencies that should cause any concern as long as they are used according to the directions.


Further, Chamomilla acts as a blood thinner only in those whose blood needs thinning.  In the same way, it will only work for teething problems when teething problems are present.  Remedies don’t force a pathology like drugs.  They simply stimulate the body’s ability to make things right.  


Remedies are prepared from benign as well as noxious substances.  During the dilution and succession process, the toxicity is actually reversed and the substance becomes restorative.  For example, if exposure to poison ivy causes a painful rash, poison ivy made into a homeopathically prepared remedy can help someone suffering with the same symptoms.  Hence it would be considered for chicken pox.


Chemically speaking, once we move past a 12C dilution, there is only a nano amount of the original substance that remains in the remedy.  Even if we begin with something toxic like poison ivy, once diluted and potentized, its toxicity is eliminated.  That is the great mystery of chemistry.


In all of homeopathy’s 200-plus years of medical history, not a single remedy (all of which are regulated by the FDA, by the way) has been taken off the market.  I’ll bet the drug companies wish they could say that!


Be bold in taking charge of your family’s health, but rest assured that homeopathic remedies are safe when administered properly.  If you are already using homeopathy at home, you’re on the right track.  I encourage you to take advantage of the resources we offer at homeopathyworks.net to help you develop confidence in your ability to treat the illness that are bound to come your way.  Yearn to learn.


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