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In Western New York, summer has finally moved in.  The sun is shining brightly and weekends are filled with barbecues and trips to the beach.


Don’t forget the sunscreen, right?


Not so fast.


Slathering on sunscreen could actually be causing deficiency in Vitamin D.


Some of the functions of Vitamin D include preventing cancer, boosting immunity, and maintaining healthy teeth and bones.  Those who are deficient often feel lethargic and catch colds and other bugs frequently.


Sunscreens can protect against both UVA and UVB radiation from the sun.  UVA radiation is associated with the aging and cancer-causing effects that we are all so worried about, but our bodies use UVB radiation to make Vitamin D! And Vitamin D actually protects us from those very problems.


Even low SPF formulas effectively block UVB rays and prevent our bodies from making Vitamin D.


Is it any wonder why Vitamin D deficiency is being called the new epidemic?


In fact, melanomas often occur on areas that are not exposed to sunlight, suggesting that there are other factors at play other than ultraviolet rays.  I’d guess it has to do with the inability of the skin to properly protect because of a deficiency of Vitamin D.


Dr. Joseph Mercola recently wrote about a boy who was so low in Vitamin D that he had rickets!  The cause was discovered when his mother reported that she was coating him from head to toe in sunscreen whenever he stepped outside.


Instead of sunburn, he was headed towards serious health complications because his body was prevented from doing what it was designed to do.


A usual, it distills down to common horse sense.


Don’t want too much sun for fear of a burn?


Wear protective clothing and spend part of the day in the shade.




Sunburn is never a good thing, but if it does occur, try my go-to natural solution.  Add a few drops of Calendula tincture to some cool water and gently pat it on the burn.  Cantharis 30 is also a great remedy should a burn occur.


Instead of depending on well-marketed skin products,  ill- informed dermatologists, and pop-culture edicts, buy yourself a jar of coconut oil, rub some into the skin and get outside.  And then thank God–the sun is finally here again.

*Some info in this article came the Dr. Mercola’s article that can be found here.





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