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You’re about to head off on a wonderful summer trip.  Don’t let the dread of jet lag dampen your fun.  Fortunately for you, homeopathy can work wonders for relieving this unpleasant condition.


We can think of jet lag as a disruption of the body’s internal balance.  Restoring equilibrium and setting things to right is exactly what homeopathy does best.  And most importantly, it does it gently.


The next time you travel across multiple time zones keep the following list of remedies handy.  Once you’ve determined the remedy that best fits the totality of your symptoms, take a dose in the 30th potency every 3-4 hours or more frequently if the situation is more severe.




This is the premier remedy for any type of trauma.  Jet lag may not seem like an injury, but it does wreak havoc with the body’s internal clock.  A feeling of weakness and soreness is present because the person is so tired.


Cocculus indicus

A person needing Cocculus experiences nausea or dizziness in addition to  the extreme fatigue of jet lag.  In order to avoid vomiting, she is forced to lie down.  Although this person is tired, she reports feeling too tired to sleep.  Fresh air, food and drink make the condition worse.



The keynotes of the remedy Gelsemium are feelings of exhaustion and mental dullness.  Extreme prostration is also noted.  We can therefore think of this remedy for jet lag where the tiredness is so extreme that there is almost a sense of paralysis because the person needing this remedy has such difficulty even getting out of bed.


Nux vomica

Think of Nux for case of jet lag where the disruption in the body’s internal cycles manifests itself in constipation or gastrointestinal disturbances.  Irritability may be marked along with sleep problems. 



Now that’s you’ve brushed up on what remedies to use for jet lag, you’re ready to hop on that plane.  Here’s one more  homeopathic tip before you go.  Dissolve a few tablets of the homeopathic cell salt Nat mur 6x in water and mist your face during the flight.  Nat mur is made from sodium chloride, the same mineral in our bodies that regulates moisture balance.  This little gem in your water bottle will help you stay hydrated and feel refreshed as you make your final descent to your destination.


Happy travels.  Just remember to take homeopathy with you!


Joette Calabrese, HMC,CCH,RSHom is a homeopath and mom who has depended solely on homeopathy and nutrition in raising her family without a single drug….ever!

If you find this kind of information valuable, you can learn more about homeopathy at her site: homeopathyworks.net.  Contact her office at 716.941.1045 to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation to learn if homeopathy might be a good fit with your health strategy.

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